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UB Noise Live Strategy Updates
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Statistics (Week 41)

Strategy Summary Week 41 Top Gainer this week: UB-Noise Crashtest with +9.23% .. following to Crash the week before Total gain for this Year: +29.97% 1000$ Challenge was more like change money this week. total gain this Year: +10.2% UB-Noise (GBPAUD) gained 0.76% totalling this Year with +43.82% Chatroom & Yaser Analysis this is a new Strategy.

a ‘close one’ 58% Drawdown then 715$ gain

Starting September 21. GBPAUD startet to massively Rise .. with no pullback at all.Friday there this caused a 58% Drawdown. We Turned off AutoTrade, Placed a Short Order at the Peak of 3 Lots and waited it out. at price then finally falled we experiences a 715$ Equity Raise, closed all trades and continue AutoTrade. Total Gain

UB-Noise Demo account Margin-called

the Demo account that mirrors the Live account for the UB-Noise Strategy was margin called Last night. sorry about that. i had not checked the balance on that account for ages, since this account is only used to copy trades to the cTrader Platform. the Live account is still in massive drawdown (as expected) but