A Trading Co-space for Everyone

SwingFish brings traders and investors together for better results, safer returns, greater gains.

  • Our core belief
    Financial markets are just like any other marketplace, except the traded commodity is money. And this commodity can be regularly and endlessly "harvested".
  • No conflict of interest
    All services provided by SwingFish are essentially free! Our foundation is synergy. A paid service would provide you little or no advantage. If we charged fees, the more YOU failed, the more WE would profit! This is why there are no upfront charges for anything at SwingFish. Put simply: When you succeed, we all do.

United we trade

Live video, ideas, logs, experiences shared by anyone for anyone. All for free!

We pay you interest

We do not manage funds. We pay you – no matter what! Not just words, but by contract.

Your money protected

External funds are used to protect your account.