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Rollover (what, why, how)

Futures & Forex trading in a 24/5 Market environment. additionally, Forex is not traded through exchanges. which means at some stage data have to be “synced up”, bookkeeping has to be done (accounting stuff) and so on. this is usually done between the US and Asia Sessions. but vary from Broker to Broker. most brokers

know your Exit ! (or: never trade the Money)

Knowing where to exit is more important than knowing where to enter. or in other words, Greed Kills ! as the market will tell you where it will likely to go, not your Profits/Losses!! why ? if you enter late, your position size will be smaller, because you will need a wider stop point (not really a big

Hedging 101 (Trading without a StopLoss)

Trading does carry a risk of Losses! in fact, there is nobody in this world that does trade without any losses! our mission as traders are to limit the losses to protect our Equity. as widely taught by educators, Traders and whoever, the easiest way to protect from losses is to use a Stop-Loss Order. This