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Statistics (Week 42)

SwingFish Strategy Summary Week 42 this week was not so secessful, i myself eliminated a large chunk of the profits yesterday (Friday) due to a misstake while trading news. Top Gainer this week: Chatroom & Yaser Analysis 20.81%. the BTCUSD Trade was canceled, we manually shorted a large amount of USDJPY to pay the loss, but

Statistics (Week 41)

Strategy Summary Week 41 Top Gainer this week: UB-Noise Crashtest with +9.23% .. following to Crash the week before Total gain for this Year: +29.97% 1000$ Challenge was more like change money this week. total gain this Year: +10.2% UB-Noise (GBPAUD) gained 0.76% totalling this Year with +43.82% Chatroom & Yaser Analysis this is a new Strategy.

change in Video Labels and Titles

as you sure have noticed the Number of Trades on the Livestream Videos has significantly gone down. there has been no drop in trades executed but the way in how they were described. quick example: there were 5 scale ins, 1 hedge and 1 resolution at one setup, that will generate about 12 Trades. that’s