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daily Log Book of Trading activity, as shown on Youtube

175 | +2.544% | 2 Setups

Good Morning 05:59 market is still extremely quiet .. so its safer to put on some larger positions (for now) Divergence data looks interesting Positive: AUD, CHF, EUR and VERY Negative: NZD 06:10 Scalp Upwards on AUDJPY 06:27 closing AUDJPY Buy, gaining 0.965% 06:55 Short GBPUSD (following the USDollar going up) 06:58 strangely GBPUSD did not move for full 3

174 | +3.68% | 4 Setups

Good Morning 05:54 market is still extremely quiet .. so its safer to put on some larger positions (for now) Divergence data looks interesting Positive: CAD, EUR and Negative: CHF, JPY 05:58 quick Scalp Upwards on EURUSD. 06:01 price falls quickly against me .. closing position as its very large size) with a 0.62% Loss 06:04 re-Enter Long EURUSD with the

173 | -1.43% | 4 Setups

Good Morning 06:04 market is at a moreless neutral position right now .. any trade open right now are pure speculation .. so we start things “small” Divergence data looks interesting Positive: CAD, USD, JPY, AUD and Negative: EUR, CHF, GBP 06:05 Completly Speculative Short USDCHF as you can see on H1 .. price is at a point where

172 | +1.48% | 4 Setups

05:50 Getting started for a real Quick Session today divergences do look good for NZD, CHF versus AUD, CAD today will be a Short Session, as I need some other urgent stuff to attend to. sorry about that .. I’ll make up for this in the chatroom. feel free to stop by. 6:04 First Setup is a

171 | +0.841% | 4 Setups

Good Monday Morning 05:52 Starting late in the day today, no divergence Data today 05:59 Buying USDSGD and EURAUD 06:05 EURAUD Hedge triggered 06:31 exiting USDSGD Long a bit Early gaining 0.801% not so sure what EURAUD is up to .. it looks like its start to fall .. but its too early to tell for sure,

170 | -2.92% | 3 Setups

Friday the 13th !! Yay 😉 09:42 Starting late in the day today divergences do look good for NZD, AUD versus EUR, CHF, CAD The live-now link does not work on the website. a live stream is running! you can check it out here 09:45 Selling AUDJPY it may not work as it does look a bit choppy

169 | +0.815% | 3 Setups

Morning Everyone 05:45 no setup .. doing some analysis instead looks like USDMXN gonna drop (eying the 18.55 area) divergences do look massive for CAD, EUR versus JPY, USD, AUD CADJPY, EURAUD and EURJPY are the pairs to watch!     06:31 Buying USDSGD .. just an unplanned scalp for 2-3 points (probably bought the top) 06:39 hedging position,

168 | +1.33% | 4 Setups

05:55 Short EURAUD (Quick Probe Trade in the range)   06:05 looks like that wont work out very well .. i may place a hedge on this early, since i had no more reason to enter as filling the current range. which looks a bit like a bullish flag anyway. 06:19 placed Hedge trade on EURAUD …

167 | +2.72% | 5 Setups

Tuesday, we have a very heavy Rain-Storm outside right now, if the live stream is offline suddendly, that means the electricity is out .. 08:50 Short USDJPY, classic reversal, but this may not work out as the Nikkei index is going up 09:40 Long GOLD on the vWap, this could be a long-term trade, but