UB Noise

This is a 100% automated strategy running on the MetaTrader platform 24/7, designed to generate noise rather than large profits.

UB Hedging trades the EUR/USD and GBP/AUD pairs exclusively, trading in both long and short directions where on one side losses are hedged via positive equity or realised profits.

This strategy can be copied! Links are in Extra section.!

Investor Login (MT4): FBS-Real-8 / 8029985 / some0ne

TOTAL GAINAbsolute: 38.88% (based on deposits)
of 48.9%generated in just 5 months

Warning: This strategy is still in the development stage! Starting from 1 May, we will test this with a $10,000 real money account.

Check out a quick test of this strategy on US2000 index with extreme settings (on demo).

Statistical Breakdown

Term Value Description
Strategy Started 5 months 3 weeks ago Period of time this strategy has been active
Current Balance USD 15174.73 Current balance of the account
Average Yearly 84.6% Average growth over the year (return on investment)
Average Monthly 7.05% Average gains for the month
Average Daily 0.23% (today: 0.09%) Average gains for the day
Profit Factor 1.62 Difference after deducting gross losses from gross wins
Trade Count 6,650 Total Number of Trades Executed
Trade Volume
153,000 k$value is approximated due to currency fluctuations.
Total amount of trades made
Pips -6250 Distance covered with active trades
Length 3h 50m Average time trades are active
Average Gain/Loss 10.62 / -18.99 Average distance until a win/loss is realised
Updated 2 hours ago Last time this statistic was calculated

PROFITABILITY61% of all trades where Profitable

SHARPE RATE0.06 sharpe Ratio

BUYProfitable Buy Positions

SELLProfitable Sell Positions

DRAWDOWNThis is normally calculated by getting the difference between a relative peak in capital minus a relative trough.

BACKUPAllocation of outside Coverage-Funds for Protection and Hedges

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