mf Crowd

mf Crowd, combines the power of the Crowd, by selecting from a group of Traders, this generates a natural Hedge-Effect which allows losses to be covered by winnings of others, Swingfish does closely monitor Drawdowns and exeeded trade values to ensure steady growth.

GAINgains/loss relative and absolute
of 223.25% generated in just 1 year

detailed Statistics

Strategy Started 1 year 2 months ago time this Strategy is active
Average Yearly 124.92% Yearly Growth (interest of Investment)
Average Monthly 10.41% average Monthly gains
Average Daily 0.33% average daily gains
Profit Factor 1.17 Factor by gross win exceeds the gross loss
Trade Volume
5,522,000 k$value is approximated due to currency fluctuations
Total Volume traded
Pips 9805 Distance covered with active trades
Length 1d Average time Trades are active
Avg. Win/Loss 44.79 / -66.14 Average Distance till a Win/Loss is Realised
Updated 1 hour ago Last time this Statistics calculated

PROFITABILITY64% of all trades where Profitable

BUYProfitable Buy Positions

SELLProfitable Sell Positions

DRAWDOWNThis is normally calculated by getting the difference between a relative peak in capital minus a relative trough.

FUND BACKUPavailability of outside Coverage-Funds for Protection and Hedges

Products Traded









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