Enjoy Risk-free Trades

Annual Gains of 9.55% Guaranteed, Plus Dividends

There is normally no such thing as "risk-free" in trading. However, we can make this promise to you, as future losses can be covered by future gains – and if not, we pay.

Have your capital grow with safe gains within a protected environment.

SwingFish pays interest, so if losses do occur, they can be recovered from past gross earnings as well as external funds. This results in a "loan-like" structure where SwingFish will pay you interest compounding weekly – no matter what!

Please read the section "Why is there a difference in stated rates on different pages/sections?" in the FAQ regarding the percentages you might read here or on other pages.

Quick Facts

  • The bottom line

    Your money is NOT subject to any actions of a speculative nature, and will be treated legally as a loan. This makes us a Juristic Person and personally liable in the case of losses.

  • Our responsibility…

    ...is to protect you from typical financial issues or failures.

    This product is treated as a loan with flexible rates starting from at least 9.55%, and in case of gains, as high as 21.9%. (Effective yield for comparison: 9.55%) This provides a basis for calculating earnings that can be expected from Day 1.

  • By the numbers...

    • *
      A WEEKLY GAIN OF 0.175% IS GUARANTEEDsound small?
      0.175*52= 9.1% in one year
    • * Compare our effective return of 9.55% p.a. to competing products. (Effective returns must be expressly stated by law.)
    • * However, typical weekly gains paid are 0.26-0.35%.
    • * 100% of your capital is protected and will be paid back in full.
    • * Gains exceeding 0.35% weekly will be used to protect against future losses.


  • How much does this cost?

    This costs you NOTHING!
    * Bank fees (inbound transfers) will also be covered, meaning the calculation of interest will start at 100% of the original amount transferred.
    * You will, however, be responsible for third-party costs, like taxes and exchange rates.
    * Gains in excess of 0.35% weekly will be used to cover future losses and expenses.

  • What is the minimum amount I can invest?

    First of all: this is NOT an investment!
    * Legally, you are extending credit to SwingFish with guaranteed interest calculated on a weekly basis.
    * There is no minimum amount required! (Even US$100 will suffice.)
    * The maximum amount, however, is limited to the amount of funds held and available in the reserved Security Backup Fund.
      As of now, the largest loan possible is US$409,000.  More details here!

  • When can I withdraw my earnings?

    You can request a withdrawal at any time, but before the markets close for the weekend. We calculate earnings and performance for the week prior while the markets are closed, then process your request and deduct from your account at the same time.

  • How long is my commitment?

    All plans can be canceled 14 days before end of the month. We will simply use the last balance and profit calculation as of the last weekend, then pay you all earnings as well as your principal amount. Unless otherwise agreed, there is no commitment period longer than one month.

  • How are losses incurred by the trader refunded?

    We give the trader a short time to recover any losses. If this does not happen after six weeks, Swingfish will reset your account to 100% of the previous balance, plus the guaranteed earnings normally applicable for this period. These funds will originate from our existing Security Backup Fund.

    For example: your account has US$10,000, but the trader records a US$200 loss. After six unsuccessful weeks, we reset your account balance to US$10,088, which is the original amount plus the minimum compounded gain.

  • Do you really guarantee returns of 9.55%?

    We calculate earnings on a weekly basis, which means there will be 52 summaries made during the whole year, not just one at the end of the year. Weekly gains are set at a guaranteed return of at least 0.175%. In case of a gain, this can go as high as 0.35%. By simply multiplying 0.175 by 52, we arrive at a return of 9.1%. Adding the compounding factor 52 times pushes you over the 9.55% value (excluding withdrawals or additional dividends paid to you).

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To ensure no misunderstandings between traders, yourself and SwingFish, below are the terms you need to read and accept.

Risk-free Terms

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SwingFish Bank Accout Trade Yourself Self Investment 401(k) (retirement plan)
Interest 9.55 to 19.923% 0.06 - 1%% [info] 0-40% ~7% [info] 5% to 8%
Term 1 week any time any time Months Years [penalties]
Funds at Risk No Risk No Risk 100% or more 100% or more some
Guaranteed Returns 9.55% 0.5% None None ~
Compounding 52 times once ~ ~ once
Data for comparision is collected from various sources and may vary in different countries