191 | +3.651% | 3 Setups

05:33 Good Monday morning


Positive: NZD, JPY 
Negative: CAD, EUR, GBP

lines go somewhat “flat” .. which is usually an indication for some nice range moves to come up.
however, the Nikkei Index was falling quite heavy .. dragging JPY Pairs down with it.

we not have any Futures data yet, but the USDollarchart has a small gap up .. which usually indicated the price will quickly go up.

05:49Buy USDJPY

05:53 I noticed the Trendline I drew last Thuesday (channel top) .. this made me doubt the Buy position a little bit and once the price went green place a Hedge Short on USDJPYLocking a 0.113% Floating profit.
since the Futures are not online yet, and the Liquidity is basically not existing.. the spread is very unstable, will hold this for a little while. as the spread will go smaller, mean more profit for me.

06:05Closing Hedged positions on USDJPY, as momentum builds, gaining 0.12% Profit on the account.

06:09re-entering USDJPY Buy .. (mainly because the Nikkei price feed went up good)

I think USDJPY will go something around 113.72

06:14 Indices online now .. Scaling in 110% on USDJPY Buy.

06:50 Closing all USDJPY Positions gaining 2.543% .. that is definitely a good start in the week.


Shool-Run Time

### Stopping live Stream Here ###

I may be back streaming later today

09:10 Bought Gold for a Quick Scalp

09:13 Close it with 0.1% gain (probably goes up to 1277 .. but won’t risk it)

13:04 quick catching some falling knife on USDJPY to the Pivot point.
maybe fall more, but the pivot is kind of a safe bet. adding 0.903% to the account

okay I have to admit, the size was kind of large, but if the chance does present itself, you have to take it. without hesitation.

Total Gain Today: 3.651%

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