192 | -2.67% | 3 Setups

09:38 Late start today, as i had some “official stuff to do this morning”

Positive: JPY 
Negative: AUD

CAD, EUR, CHF and even USD are very close together .. (could mean some movement apart is about to happen .. but this kind of moves are VERY hard to predict)

09:45 EURJPY looks a bit link it’s a long setup .. but we are below the vWap.

also, AUDCAD looks like a Buy Setup .. (i may place a Buy Limit a bit above the vWap)

and lastly USDSGD looks like it has retested the breakout trendline and should be now on the way down, however, while iam writing this very text, price went up massive (but still below vWap)

09:58 Buying AUDCAD with 50%.. (it may fall more, so i have a buy limit Order waiting there).

10:08 Buy USDGSD, with additional scale in via Buy Limit

10:11 Hedging short AUDCAD

10:16 Hedging USDSGD as well .. way too tired to trade .. i will continue later ..

### live Stream Starts Here ###

10:30 reversing hedge on USDSGD and AUDCAD, realizing a 1.82% loss
not so convinced though that this was a good idea, I should have just left it as the hedge distance was just 2 pips

now it is too late, the buttons have been pressed already, let’s see how it does play out.

10:34 buying EURJPY which instantly drops massively on me .. adding another 2.6% loss to the pile.

10:57 closing USDSGD and AUDCAD reducing the loss to 1.82%.

11:06 re-Shorting USDSGD and Buying AUDCAD

13:41 closing both AUDCAD and USDSGD for a tiny profit of 0.12%

14:28 re-entering AUDCAD Buy

15:05 closing all trades with another loss of 0.97%
calling it a day .. it can’t get any better! 

Total Today: -2.67%

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