Risk Free with Backed Funds

Our Risk-Free Offering is based on backed capital, which resides in seperate accounts directly with the brokers.

We can only take in more capital once we have reached a larger backup base.

Real-time Risk Coverage
Transparency is important,
as a result, this data is automatically generated.
  • data generated 22 hours ago
  • 34 Lenders Active
  • US$ 352,280 Current Trade Equity
  • US$ 528,000 Maximum Lending size

66.8% Coverage by Lended Funds
Things can change quickly!

We do not gamble!

funds traded are limited to the amount of Backup Funds
Risk Free works only if we can back up the accounts.
    here is how:
  • Funds traded are backed by standby funds as shown above.
  • about 7.5% of this backup funds held with brokerages to enable rapid responses and transactions.
  • 80% are held offsite at EnFoid Bank accounts to add a additional level of Security.
  • the rest (~12.5%) is in circulation, such as Swap, offshore accounts, Foreign Currency accounts and so on.
  • The aim is to keep at 100% of the backup funds available most of the time.
    to ensure Lenders can be paid out at any time, even if all at once would request withdrawals or losses would occur.

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