Risk Free with Backed Funds

Our Risk-Free Offering is based on backed capital, which resides in seperate accounts directly with the brokers. We can only take in more capital once we have reached a larger backup base.

All participants in the Risk-Free Offering contribute to this fund and are not involved in any trading activity itself.
Things can change quickly!

Real-time Risk Coverage

updated 2 weeks ago
Active Accounts
Current Trade Equity
US$ 338,858
Max New Account size
US$ 409,000

We do not gamble!

    Having extra funds sounds tempting, but also doubles the risk! This is why:
  • Funds in Live Trade Accounts are backed by standby funds shown above.
  • Standby funds are retained with the same brokerage to enable rapid responses and transactions.
  • The aim is to keep at 100% of the backup funds available most of the time.
  • Because of this: funds traded are limited to the amount of Backup Funds because Risk Free works only if we can back up the accounts.