Risk Free with Backed Funds

our Risk Free Offering is based on backed Capital, which resists in seperate accounts directly with the brokers.
we can only take in more Capital once we have reached a larger Backup-base.

all participants of the Risk Free Offering contributing to this fund. and not in the trading activity itself!
things can change quickly! ...

Realtime Risk Coverage

updated 1 hour ago
Active Accounts
Current Trade Equity
US$ 245,811
Max new Account size
US$ 480,000

we do not Speculate!

    having extra funds sounds tempting, but also doubles the risk!
    thats why:
  • Funds on Live Trade Accounts are backed with the StandBy Funds shown above
  • StandBy Funds keept with the same Brockerage to enable fast reactions and Transactions.
  • the aim is to keep at most of the times 100% Backed up Funds avaiable
  • because of this: funds Traded are limited to the amount of the Backup Funds
    because Risk Free works only if we can back up the accounts.

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