vWap for ForexcTrader1.13

SwingFih Helper is a cTrader algo, that helps you protect yourself from drawdown by hedging positions and sets of positions.

once the Drawdown set is reched for a single Symbol, SwingFish Helper will buy the same size in the oposite direction in order to protect You.

    additinal features:
  • auto-Hedge all positions combined of a single symbol.
  • Close ALL Trades based on a given financial target. [TP Equity / TP Profit]
  • Close ALL Trades based on a given Time of the day. [Close Hour/Close Minute]
  • Auto-close all positions once a global Loss has been reached. [Margin Call]
  • Realtime Display of current Profit/loss in Percentages. for (Equity/Account Balance/Relative Capital

Changelog & Docu

vWap - Standard Diviation for cTrader