234 | +3.925% | 4 Setups

09:12 its very late this Friday morning. DXY gaped down quite a bit, Nikkei also appears to continue the slope down, but it’s too early to tell a range just now.Currency Data now:

  • Positive: EUR, NZD  
  • Negative: AUD, USD, CHF
  • Neutral: JPY, CAD, GBP
  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURUSD (Buy), EURAUD (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events:Serval Statistical News in China, Japanese ECO Watchers

09:15Buy USDJPY, it’s very countertrend, (i entered before checking the Nikkei and dollar) aiming for the 38% retracement.
however, in 30 minutes news coming up for Japan.

09:50Buying USDSGD

09:53exit USDJPY with a 2.126% Gain.

10:25reversed USDSGD .. realized right after that I did that right at Support from M30, this trade may turn bad very soon

10:50reversed the last hedge to buy on USDSGD as well (still a very tricky trade)
should get out once there is a good chance to do so. setting TP to 1.32989 but that’s very wishful thinking (1.32912 looks more reachable, but even that would make a higher high already)

11:10closing all USDSGD trades realizing a 2.82% loss

11:25re-Buying USDSGD and USDJPY

12:28exit both USDSGD and USDJPY early as the dollar drops massively .. could be a fake but I am down too much already, realizing 0.23% gain

12:34Selling AUDJPY countertrend

12:41Buying USDCHF

13:10scaling into USDCHF as its falling pretty hard, will keep scale in until we reach the vWap.

14:09exit all USDCHF Trades, beautifully executed the trade.

14:47Hedging AUDJPY directly at the vWap. that may turn out to be a perfect point to scale in .. but the position is already too large.

14:58reversing to Buy on AUDJPY .. there is only a 6.5 pip range to the channel top .. which is very tight. realizing a 8.3% loss.

15:12 reversing again to Sell AUDJPY .. to the channel Bottom.

16:39exit all positions on AUDJPY at the channel bottom as planned. gaining a total of 12.72% (that may sound large, but it isn’t as this is just the combined gain out of the hedge which was reversed twice)

Total Today: +3.925%

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