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07:20 Good Morning everyone, finally the Swiss Franks went to normalize themselves after a 3-day fall against the Japanese Yen, again interesting moves are to expect, however. the Asia session may be not so eventful, because of the drop on the USDollar we had yesterday.Currency Data now:

  • Positive: JPY, CHF, NZD  
  • Negative: CAD, GBP, USD
  • Neutral: EUR, AUD (not exactly neutral, but have the smallest divergences)
  • Pair(s) to Watch: CADJPY (Sell), GBPJPY (Sell), CADCHF (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: Retail Sales s.a. (MoM) [AUD], Coincident Index [JPY]

09:18 Selling GOLD to next resistance.

09:26 Buying CADJPY

09:38 Hedging GOLD, it’s maybe too early to do it as we still around the vWap but I scaled in too much .. so a spike would cause a too high drawdown.

09:41 Shorting USDSGD

09:45 closing CADJPY as it was not such a wise choice to do it in the first place. realizing a 0.225% gain.

10:15 reBuying CADJPY, but SwingFish Helper automatically Hedged just a few sec later as the price dropped back to the vWap.

10:33 closing USDSGD and GOLD hedges (this may be a bit early (high risk)) realizing a 4.2% loss.

10:47 reversing CADJPY to buy (very countertrend but inside the formation)

10:49 closing USDSGD as it hits the Channel bottom of the M30 chart.

10:51 closing GOLD as well, after closing it noticed that I went out about 39 pips too early .. but that’s okay
that closes combined did put the account back to a 2.891% Gain (CADJPY still open)

11:02 set TP on CADJPY to 89.023

11:26 CADJPY closed to pay for the hedge loss from before

12:05 Buying USDCHF for the Pivot as the USDollar still has some room to climb, this current micro consolidation appears to be just a break in the move.

12:32 closing USDCHF on TP as planned gaining another 0.658%.


Total Today: +4.067%

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