232 | +4.748% | 5 Setups

06:17 thunderstorm Wednesday, if the livestream cuts off suddenly today, its because the power not returns fast enough ..Currency Data now:

  • Positive: JPY, USD, EUR  
  • Negative: CHF, CAD, NZD
  • Neutral:
  • Pair(s) to Watch: CADJPY (Sell), USDCHF (Sell), AUDJPY (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events:Price Indexes (China) [CNH]

06:27 No Trade yet .. the Power is out here .. writing this on USV-Power

10:56 Power is back, Shorting EURJPY


10:58 Shorting USDSGD

11:12 scaling in on Both USDSGD and EURJPY trades about 200% (the trades were entered with low size first since we are in the middle of the move)

11:45 hedging USDSGD

12:43 selling GOLD

12:48 closing EURJPY for a 1.009% Gain.

12:58 scaling in on gold 30% .. for the vWap re-test

13:46 reversing USDSGD to buy, realizing a 4.2% loss.

13:59 Closing Gold Hedge at a 0.02% loss as USDSGD took the whole equity situation arround so i decided to exit all
Target is still 1308 for Gold

13:59 Closing USDSGD to pay for all losses with an almost 9% gain.
original Target of USDSGD was 1.22705

14:56 re-Buying USDSGD

14:58 scaling in 100% on USDSGD

15:01 SwingFish Helper AutoHedged the position on USDSGD as price ran trough vWap

15:08 exiting all trades covering the hedge loss and gaining another 1.102%

16:15 should call it a day, but re-shorting USDSGD instead. (could be a fake)

16:20 scaling in 100% on USDSGD (exit at the pivot) but a 61% retracement is definitely in sight.! (1.33315)

16:21 accidentally bought instead of sell .. reversing .. realizing a 0.09% loss (plain Stupid!)

16:31 closing USDSGD Short on the pullback gaining another 0.485%

Total Today: +4.748%

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