209 | +1.685% | 2 Setups

06:19 today seems to be an interesting day ahead of us, as divergences data looks quite like a quite interesting mix, we may need to update this later once the data has more extremes.

Currency Data now:

  • Positive: JPY, USD, NZD (Yen is up for serval days now) 
  • Negative: CAD, AUD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: CADJPY (Buy)
  • Asia Session has serval small and medium News events planned for today in Japan, Australia
  • plus one Major Chinese Event Interest Rate Decision

08:29 Buying USDCHF

08:36Reversing and scaling in 100% on USDCHF, realizing a 0.992% loss

09:24 Setting TP on Minor Trendline, (have to Reboot the trading Computer) SwingFish Helper will Auto-Hedge (just in case)

09:52exiting all USDCHF Trades early as correlations start to become unstable (Gold and the dollar itself)

09:55 of course. just 3 minutes later, the Original Target was hit. (leaving almost 1% gain in the markets)

10:20Selling USDSGD (as a quick scalp around the trendline play)

11:27Hedging USDSGD Short (100%)

12:24 Reverse Short Positions to Long on USDSGD realizing a 1.74% loss
it may be not such a wise action, as DXY and the Nikkei almost on the upper minor channel, a pullback is to be expected, resulting in USDSGD to go down.

13:02 the Pullback did not happen, but the price did not move in any way at all ! while most other symbols started to move just as expected. another sign this may go south very soon. I will make a Breakeven trade out of this one, not taking any unnecessary risks.

13:20Closing all USDSGD trades gaining 2.537%

Total Today: +1.685%

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