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08:22 today seems to be an interesting day ahead of us, as divergences data looks quite like a quite interesting mix, we may need to update this later once the data has more extremes.

  • Spain: Constitution Day
  • Finland: Independence Day

Currency Data now:

  • Positive: USD, NZD, JPY (Yen looks like it’s on the way down already) 
  • Negative: AUD, EUR
  • Pair(s) to Watch: AUDJPY (Sell), EURUSD (Buy)
  • NO Planned News in Asia Session.

08:33 Quick Scalp on the Volatility Spike, Buy USDJPY

08:47 Buying Gold in the vWap Reversal,
that wasn’t maybe such a good idea as gold looks generally short and the USD just spiked up as I placed the order.
will allow the price to fall till the trendline, scale in there, once it does break place a hedge order.

09:01 manually Hedge GOLD so i can go to the toilet.

09:27 Buy AUDUSD (before vWap)

09:35 did not work so well .. it went up first .. but then dropped .. manually hedging AUDUSD this as well.
meanwhile, gold went right into my first target, but with the hedge on there is no profit to be made.

09:38 Reversing GOLD Hege orders to Buy realizing a 1.9% loss, targeting the upper trendline from the M30 chart

Reversing Gold was maybe not such a good idea .. as the usDollar will hit very soon (few minutes) a significant support line, and very likely cause to bounce.

10:01 Closing the gaining Hedge positions for a small profit, so i can place a “closer” hedge to the sell position

10:23 Scaling in GOLD 20%

11:32 GOLD Buy is still on .. almost at breakeven, the vWap start to bend down, even price still going up, maybe I should exit that one at zero and take on another setup later.

12:04 Hedging GOLD with 2.2% gain. as prices become a bit unpredictable. however, the cost of the hedge will eat up most of the gains.

12:29 reversing GOLD Hedge to buy (this does however double to position .. which may not such a good idea)

12:52 as expected, gold spiked up (it even reached the Pivot) but i hitthe “Close all” button once the alert was triggered.

12:52 AUDUSD (hedged) closed with 0.65% Loss

12:52 GOLD Buy closed with 3.357% combined Gain.

Total Today: +3.74%

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