SwingFish Summary Week 46

Week 46 was very eventful.

the whole week was closing green (with the exception of yesterday on the chatroom account)

SwingFish Weekly Dividend for Risk-Free Plan: 0.35%

Top Gainers this week:

1000 (Chatroom/Live) account gaining +46.3% (no positions open)



UB-Noise Crashtest with +13.93% (all trades closed because we updating servers over the weekend), total gain for this Year: +91.03%




UB-Noise (GBPAUD) had an issue with drawdown, this was manually handled and the large position was traded till technical resistance .. resulting in a gain of +6.89%, (all trades closed because we will update the server it’s running on on the weekend) totaling this Year with +71.44%
we will withdraw 1000$ from this account.



mf-Crowd Gained 3.49% this week (plus carry a 1.23% gain into the weekend)
Total Gain this Year +116.5%.


Chatroom & Yaser Analysis ranks percentage-wise on the second position.

but this was because I played with the account. so we will show it here at the bottom instead.

Gain Week 47+44.69%, totaling this Year +108.15%.

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